You know you want to be just like Rick Rangel above, don’t you!!

Tickets to Treasure is the new Grand Prize Opportunity for EPIC 2018.  Here are the details:

  • Exhibitors will opt in to participate and will be given two-part raffle tickets.
  • Member Attendees will receive a list of participating Exhibitors (you’ll get this along with your name badge in New Orleans at the Registration Desk)
  • The key to your chance at winning $5000 is to collect one ticket from as many of the participating Exhibitors as you can, by visiting their booth and having a meaningful conversation with them.  The Exhibitor will give the you one half of the two-part ticket after what the Exhibitor deems a meaningful conversation.  
  • The attendee will turn in their tickets, one half into the ticket drop off bin and the other half is to be kept for the drawing.  
  • Three tickets will be drawn at the Let The Good Times Roll cocktail reception, and those three attendees will come to the stage.
  • Each attendee finalist will select a small “King Cake, one of which will have the “baby” inside. 
  • Tear that cake apart!!!!
  • The attendee that picks the King Cake with the plastic baby inside will be the Grand Prize Winner of $5000!!!!!  

You won’t want to miss out on this chance for big bucks!  Make sure you attend the “Let the Good Times Roll” cocktail reception, immediately following the end of the Tradeshow on Wednesday, October 17.

Grand Prize…….

…… $5000!

Disrupt Ordinary!

Explore Outside the Box!

Challenge the Status Quo!

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Header photo courtesy New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau; Paul Broussard, Photographer,  Preservation Hall