Southern Bayou Scavenger Hunt

Benefiting City of Hope

Join more than 100 members from the Office Products Industry as they participate in the Southern Bayou Scavenger Hunt benefiting life-saving cancer and diabetes research and treatment at City of Hope at EPIC 2018 in New Orleans. 

The Scavenger Hunt will take place on Monday, October 15, 5:00pm-6:00pm!  

Participants will be randomly assigned to small teams of (6 – 8) participants from all walks of the industry and will be challenged to work together to unlock clues to (5) destinations throughout the Hyatt Regency New Orleans hotel where they will either seek out a secret item they’ll need to bring back OR complete a group challenge in order to advance to their next destination!  The team that is able to show completion of all (5) destinations within the shortest amount of time will be crowned the WINNER!  Prizes will be awarded to each of the winning team’s participants during the “Let the Good Times Roll” Prize Drawing Reception, taking place at 4:30pm on Wednesday!

CHECK-IN / SET UP (subject to change)

  • City of Hope team will set up at the EPIC registration area for SCAVENGER HUNT CHECK IN. There, participants will:
    • Receive “Mardis Gras” packet
    • Be assigned a GROUP # (card with number will be provided to them)
    • Be provided a booklet of CLUES where if solved unlocks the answers to 5 destinations they will need to seek out throughout the hotel.
    • Be provided a “checklist” that will need to be stamped when completing each station.
    • Participants will be asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the hunt so we can group teams up and provided simple rules.


  • City of Hope & EPIC 2018 staff will be assigned to each of the (5) destinations awaiting the arrival of the groups. Some destinations will merely house “items” the groups need to take back with them while other destinations will have “team challenges” each group will need to complete before advancing.
  • City of Hope & EPIC 2018 staff will be stationed at FINISH in order to record the group that comes in first and record each group’s completion time.
  • Scavenger Hunt must be completed 10 minutes before the cocktail reception begins (estimated 50 minutes)

 BASIC RULES (subject to change)

  1. All participants will check-in at COH registration counter during EPIC Registration in the Elite Foyer.
  2. All participants will be randomly assigned to a team of 6 – 8 members.
  3. Teams will be numbers, i.e. 1 – 20, and each participant will be provided a card at check-in identifying which team they are assigned to along with a CHECK LIST to mark off completed challenges.
  4. All participants will meet in the Empire Foyer / starting line 15 minutes prior to the hunt starting for team gathering and rules.
  5. ALL participants will start at a uniform time.
  6. When at hunt destinations, teams will need to complete tasks on a “first come first serve basis” should multiple teams be at a single destination. We will sequence “clue cards” so that not all teams go to the same destination at the same time to start.
  7. Challenges must be completed in the order they are provided to each team.
  8. When completing challenges / collecting items, team must have CHECK LIST checked off by destination monitor.
  9. First team to complete all challenges at the fastest time will be the WINNER!

Please pre-register for this event. The cost to participate is $25 per person or $100 per team of 4 people.  No payment is required when you register at

Préparons-nous pour l’amusement!  Let’s get ready for some FUN!

To DONATE to City of Hope today, visit and click on the Southern Bayou Scavenger Hunt link under More for Members OR click on Support City of Hope in the EPIC 2018 app!

EPIC 2018 Supports City of Hope

EPIC 2018 is once again proud to support City of Hope. Join in the fun this year at the Southern Bayou Scavenger Hunt, and raise funds for the cancer researchtreatment and education facility, City of Hope!

City of Hope is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people with cancer, diabetes and other serious illnesses. Their mission is to transform the future of health care by turning science into a practical benefit, hope into reality. We accomplish this by providing outstanding care, conducting innovative research and offering vital education programs focused on eliminating these diseases.

Founded in 1913, City of Hope is one of only 41 comprehensive cancer centers in the nation, as designated by the National Cancer Institute. Our role as leaders in patient care, basic and clinical research, and the translation of science into tangible benefit is widely acknowledged.

City of Hope continues to be a pioneer of patient centered care and remains committed to its tradition of exceptional care for patients, families and communities. Each day, we live out our credo:  “There is no profit in curing the body, if, in the process, we destroy the soul.”

Learn more about City of Hope and the National Business Products Industry support at

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Header photo courtesy New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau; Paul Broussard, Photographer,  French Quarter