Sales Boot Camp:
Driving The Sales Cycle!

This year’s EPIC 2018 Sales Boot Camp is built around the concept of a sales cycle that stretches from a beginning to an end of every customer relationship. By attending this program, you’ll learn how to drive that cycle, not just ride it. You’ll learn how to develop new customers faster and how to maintain the relationships longer, getting maximum value from every new and existing customer.

Stage 1: Prospecting — What is prospecting? According to Dave Fellman, it’s an activity chain that begins with the identification of “suspects” and ends with first substantive conversation between the salesperson and the decision-maker. This segment is all about a structured approach to the first stage of the sales cycle; identifying likely suspects, identifying the real decision-maker, dealing with all of the common first-stage obstacles and objections and making that first substantive conversation happen. It also addresses networking strategies, and a much warmer alternative to cold calls.

Stage 2: Convincing –  The first substantive conversation is the end of the prospecting stage, the beginning of the convincing stage, and the heart of the opportunity stage. It’s your opportunity to identify both needs and wants, and then to use that knowledge to prepare and present an effective proposal. This segment will teach you how to ask the right questions, and how to use the answers to convince prospects to buy from you. It will also teach you how to follow up to close if your first substantive conversation doesn’t result in an immediate order. Finally, it will teach you how to negotiate effectively to achieve a “win-win” if pricing or other terms or conditions become an issue.

Stage 3: The First Few OrdersThe prospect who gives you a first order is not yet a full-fledged customer. In fact, the first few orders represent a critical stage in the building of a long-term relationship. In this segment, you’ll learn how to make sure that you are meeting or exceeding their expectations and how to give yourself the best chance of recovery if something does go wrong.

Stage 4: The “Good Times” – According to Dave Fellman, every customer provides you with Three Levels of Value. First is the value of what they’re already buying from you. Second is the value of what they could be buying from you. Third is the value of influence. This segment will focus on the 2nd and 3rd levels. You’ll learn how to maximize the 2nd Level through up-selling and cross-selling, and how to leverage the 3rd Level influence provided by testimonials and referrals.

Stage 5: The Downhill Stage – It’s a proven fact that most buyer-seller relationships end at some point. All to often, it comes as a surprise to the seller. This segment will focus on protecting the 1st Level of Value, through customer service and customer contact/communication.

Bonus Segment Time Management and Organization are subjects that typically represent a lot of talk among office products salespeople, but not a lot of action. In this segment, Dave Fellman will present real-world time management and organizational strategies, and explain how to improve sales performance by prioritizing and putting everything in its proper place. This is an integral part of the “Driving The Sales Cycle” program, showing you how to make the time to apply the lessons learned in Segments 1-5.

Led by Dave Fellman, who also presented the Boot Camp at EPIC 2016, this year’s program will focus on the 5 Stages of the Office Products Sales Cycle plus a bonus segment on Time Management and Organization. Our goal is to refine both skills and strategy to produce better results. From prospecting to presentation to dealing with objections and closing the sale, this dynamic full day of training will provide a powerful start to EPIC 2018, for sales reps, sales managers and dealer principals. Come for the Boot Camp and stay for EPIC 2018!

This will be a highly interactive program. If you attended Dave Fellman’s presentation in 2016, you know that he doesn’t want to lecture you, he wants to engage you and convince you. He’ll use role plays and other exercises to give attendees the opportunity to actually practice these critical skills. Fellman is the president of David Fellman & Associates, based in Raleigh NC. He is a popular speaker who has delivered keynotes, workshops and seminars at a wide range of industry events across the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. He’s the author of Listen To The Dinosaur, which Selling Power magazine listed as one of its “10 Best Books To Read” in 2010, and The Small Business Book: 10 Ways To Improve Your Small Business.

Boot Camp Schedule:

  • Monday, October 15
  • 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • Lunch is included
  • $149 per person
  • Open to all members

Act now to reserve space for yourself and your sales team! (attendance capped at 40 to ensure the best results for all participants)

David M. Fellman is the president of David Fellman & Associates, Cary NC, a sales & marketing consulting firm serving numerous segments of Small Business America. He is the author of The Small Business Book: 10 Ways To Make Your Small Business More Successful and Listen To The Dinosaur, which Selling Power magazine listed as one of its “10 Best Books To Read in 2010.”

His articles on sales, marketing and management topics have appeared in a variety of publications, and he is a popular speaker who has delivered seminars and keynotes at events across the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

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