• Learn best practices from other successful dealers!
  • Exchange ideas and tackle common challenges!
  • Uncover tips, tactics and new opportunities from your peers!
  • Build relationships, share solutions and make new industry friends!

Historically we hear that one of the best benefits that comes out of EPIC conferences is networking!   There is nothing better than sitting down with a friend, colleague, or someone who has had similar experiences and talking, right?  That’s what networking is all about!  Talking about a problem you had, comparing notes with others, finding a possible solution or tactic to consider implementing when you get home.  Networking!

EPIC 2018 will soon be here – bringing with it terrific opportunities for networking with both dealers and suppliers!

The independent dealer channel needs strong businesses to carry it forward – and each of us is stronger when we work together.  Network!

  • Venture out to chat with dealers from both groups!
  • Expand your community of go-to friends and colleagues!
  • We are all fighting similar battles: combine forces to find great solutions!

Why I Attend EPIC….

"The dealer Education Forums."

Frank Reed, Economy Office Supply

"My favorite part? All of the events! It is a great opportunity to network and learn how others are doing things."

Sheila Rae Hartman, Interstate Office Products

“Bring your sales manager and possibly purchasing manager or team...the dealer best practices are great to listen and learn from.”

Sheila Avenson, The Office Shop


Julian DeSalay, JB Office

"EPIC is such a great experience, and should not be missed!"

Sonia Melendrez, Stinson's Stationers

"Go!!! It's worth it!!! And we all need to step away from time to time!"

Sandi Shields, Best Office Solution

"Networking and Speakers were worth the trip."

Hal Warren, COS Business Products and Interiors

"Very informative - it's a no-brainer to attend."

Sue Christenson, Tallgrass Business Resources

"It is difficult to leave your business but the knowledge and rewards are well worth it."

Dave Stock, Runco

"Time well spent learning from others."

Dale Punjabi, World Trade Office Supplies

"I wouldn't be where I am without learning from my peers. There are some very smart people in our group, and they're more than happy to share information with you." Anonymous

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