Dave Fellman
Dave Fellman & Associates
Sales Boot Camp

David M. Fellman is the president of David Fellman & Associates, Cary NC, a sales & marketing consulting firm serving numerous segments of Small Business America. He is the author of The Small Business Book: 10 Ways To Make Your Small Business More Successful and Listen To The Dinosaur, which Selling Power magazine listed as one of its “10 Best Books To Read in 2010.”

His articles on sales, marketing and management topics have appeared in a variety of publications, and he is a popular speaker who has delivered seminars and keynotes at events across the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Jennifer Schulman
Fortune Web Marketing
Online Marketing in 2018

Jennifer Rae Schulman, President of Fortune Web Marketing, knows how to “Rock the Web”. Utilizing the latest strategies and techniques, her firm specializes in increasing the digital presence for every organization they work with. Jennifer holds a B.A. in Telecommunications, with a minor in English, from The Pennsylvania State University, as well as an MBA with a Specialization in Marketing from The New York Institute of Technology. Jennifer applies over 20 years of experience in the Internet Marketing realm, venturing out on her own in 2007 to begin Fortune Web Marketing. Well versed in technology and multiple coding languages, as well as expert content writing, she brings a unique skill set to her team.

Previously, Jennifer worked for large corporations such as Thomson Reuters, managing their online presence, search marketing and web development strategies. Fortune Web Marketing is recognized for their experience and extensive work within the Office Products Industry and you will often find Jennifer presenting at industry related conferences and is frequently published in leading OP industry publications.

TJ Crayne
PTC Associates
ERP Systems & eCommerce – Strategies for Your Future

T.J. Crayne is a veteran executive in the OP & Jan/San industry with a successful track record of leading dynamic organizations to achieve growth and market presence.  As a technology leader with over 30 years of experience, T. J. has used his business understanding and creativity to help businesses expand market share, develop best business models, launch innovative new technology and build high performance teams.  T. J.’s passion is helping companies create and execute strategic initiatives with an emphasis on leveraging technology and new systems to grow and increase profitability.

T.J. has owned and operated two software companies, worked at United Stationers/Essendant, ECI and is currently President at PTC Associates.

Gary Pittsford
Castle Wealth Advisors
Business Succession Planning & 2018 Tax Updates

Gary Pittsford, CFP® is president of Castle Wealth Advisors, a private wealth management firm based in Indianapolis, IN. For 45 years, Gary has worked with hundreds of family business owners in all 50 states, helping them with retirement and estate planning strategies to protect their businesses and their net worth, as well as providing one on one business consulting, business valuations and succession planning. Gary is deeply involved with the National Cooperative Business Association in Washington, D.C. and is a member of the US Chamber of Commerce Small Business Council. Over the years Gary has worked with dozens of co-op organizations and he continues to help them by providing convention speeches, monthly newsletters, webinars, educational videos, and most recently a book titled Your Family Business, Your Family Net Worth available on Amazon.com.

Marisa Pensa
Methods in Motion
* Process, Productivity & Prospecting
* Hiring, Training & Retaining Great Sales Professionals

Marisa Pensa, Founder of Methods in Motion, works hand-in-hand with Independent Dealer Managers, Owners, and sales team members to help them gain a competitive selling advantage.

A regular contributor to Independent Dealer Magazine, Marisa is passionate about helping independent supply companies thrive and improve their results, both on the phone and in the field. This passion inspired her to create two ongoing Sales Manager peer-sharing groups within the business products industry, to foster an environment where Methods in Motion clients can exchange ideas and help keep one another on track. Marisa is also a member of Office Products Women in Leadership and enjoys sharing ideas and understanding the challenges of women in the industry.

The valuable, practical information Marisa will be sharing in the two Methods in Motion sessions come directly from her fourteen plus years of experience in working with Dealers. She has seen first hand what works and the pitfalls to avoid in moving a dealership forward in these highly competitive times.

Mike Tucker
Amazon, the Invisible Competitor

Mike Tucker serves as the President & CEO of NOPA. Prior to this role in NOPA, he served on IOPFDA’s Board of Directors while working as president/owner of George W. Allen / EZ Print Supplies. During that time, Mike was also actively involved on the NOPA Government Advocacy Committee and has testified before Congress on several occasions.

Early in Mike’s career he began focusing his efforts on sales and marketing to the federal government. He negotiated contracts and managed federal sales teams for all of the companies he worked with. Mike has negotiated national purchase agreements with numerous federal agencies for everything from supplies and furniture to copiers, packaging and coffee.

He was also the founder of GoverNet. A network of 92 independent dealers strategically located in key federal markets around the country, unified and managed under a GSA contract held by George Allen Co.

Rick Marlette
OP Software
Leveraging Technology & Data to Compete in the Age of Amazon

Rick Marlette is the designer and creator of OPSoftware and the industry’s most popular competitive database. He has worked independently for many years in various facets of the Office Products Industry developing specialized programs and databases for independent office products dealers.

As an outspoken and energetic advocate for independent dealers, Rick has successfully helped many dealers win record setting bids and exposed overcharging and bid mismanagement by several institutional players in the office products industry.

Rick created the very first chain cross-reference to wholesaler item numbers in 1998, added pricing in 2002, and partnered with United Stationers in 2004. In 2010, the relationship with United was expanded resulting in the premier competitive intelligence suite to date, United Market Xpert.

The future looks bright for independent dealers and Rick will be there with the vision making sure they have both the tools and data to keep on winning!

David Frank
American Institute for Cleaning Sciences
Strategies for Increased Jan/San Success

Dave is the president of the American Institute for Cleaning Sciences (AICS), an independent third-party accreditation organization that establishes standards to improve the professional performance of the cleaning industry. With more than 41 years of experience, David is the leading authority in the commercial cleaning industry, serving facility service providers, distributors, buying groups, associations and the manufacturers

He is an active member and frequent speaker for ISSA, APPA, EPA and the U.S. Green Building Council. David has served on many industry committees to develop standards for healthy building designs, environmental sustainability and quality management systems. He has designed educational programs to promote occupational development and best practices for the foremost companies in the cleaning industry.

The American Institute for Cleaning Sciences administered the first Cleaning Industry Management Standards (CIMS) and certification program offered for all levels of the cleaning industry.

Click here for the AICS Capabilities Brochure.

Jeff Milchen
* Strength in Numbers:  How “Buy Local” Campaigns and Local Alliances Are Helping Indies Thrive
* WORKSHOP:  Instigating “Buy Local” Initiatives and Independent Business Alliances

Co-director & Co-founder of AMIBA, Jeff Milchen has spent 20 years helping communities build vital local economies and enhance economic opportunity through supporting local independent businesses. Milchen co-founded the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA), which helps communities launch and develop a range of local initiatives to strengthen and sustain community-based businesses while empowering citizens and small business to guide community development. Milchen pioneered the Independent Business Alliance organizing model, founding and directing the Boulder Independent Business Alliance in Colorado, starting in 1998. Since 2001, AMIBA has helped more than 100 of these Alliances form in a diverse range of communities. Jeff has provided keynotes, presentations and workshops for nearly one hundred organizations and conferences. Milchen’s prior work includes successfully launching and operating two small businesses. He is the author of Building Buy Local Campaigns that Shift Culture and Spending, and his commentaries and articles have appeared in dozens of publications including Business WeekS.F. Chronicle, The Ecologist, The Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Washington Times and Adbusters. 

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